Elisabeth Sladen To Appear at ChicagoTardis

June 15, 2008

As of June 11, 2008, Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane of Doctor Who) has been added to the guest list for ChicagoTardis. The convention, to be held November 28-30, 2008, is located at The Westin Lombard Yorktown Center in Lombard, Illinois.

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Elisabeth Sladen

For fans of both the classic and new series, the Sarah Jane character is a “bridge” between past and present. Compare her first entry into Doctor Who via The Time Warrior to the new series second season episode School Reunion and you will see just how far Doctor Who has come.

In the new spin-off series The Sarah Jane Adventures, we also get a glimpse to the past in Sarah’s attic stocked with bits and pieces of her travels in the TARDIS. Apparently, at least some companions remember and cherish their time spent with the Doctor. Will we see anyone else come out of “hiding”? I hope so. I like reunions and get-togethers of past characters.

Keep your eyes open when viewing Season 4 Doctor Who. More surprises await. (Even the Doctor is not allowed to see his own spoilers.)

Come and help celebrate 45 years of Doctor Who. Register for ChicagoTardis today! Our club will be there, as usual, to greet convention attendees at our fan table.


New SF Datalink Added

June 12, 2008

Do you like your science fiction news in a brief digest format, separated by general category? Perhaps you missed an announcement or did not have time to read the details until now. Or it was just a rumor and you want to hear it from an official source.

SF Datalink is our club’s science fiction news resource that has been there since the early days of our Relative Times newsletter. From our founding year up though a few years ago, a team of dedicated members researched through magazines and newspapers to find items of interest to science fiction fans devoted mainly to media science fiction (tv and movies). Currently, SF Datalink is edited by Dan Giese, one of our club’s founding members and most frequent submitter of content to our site. As fans, we want to know about the current productions as well as how our favorite SF celebrities are doing professionally (and sometimes personally). Some of us do not have time to sift through media magazines or websites for just a few tidbits of interest. SF Datalink offers a brief and concise view of the current state of the industry.

The online version of SF Datalink is the same as what is printed in our Relative Times newsletter. Milwaukee Time Lords members receive eight issues per year that contain a review of recent science fiction events in a handy, digest format. While we have had to reduce the dimensions of our newsletter to help reduce postage costs, we still produce a paper-based newsletter for those who prefer something they can hold and read wherever they are.

I have tried different formats for the online version, now settling with the one that is least time-consuming to implement. Please read through our new columns and post here your comments. We may not have today’s news, but at least we cover the previous month, including items that may have slipped by you.

Dr. Who Season 4 Starts April 5th

March 22, 2008

What better way to get ready for the new season than a view of the cinema trailer that you can see right now at YouTube.

There is much to look forward to in this 45th season. Of course, you don’t want to miss anything Doctor Who-related. Add these links to your bookmarks so you can keep up-to-date with the latest news and events.


New To Dr Who?

September 19, 2007

Below are items to help get you started:

Doctor Who Megaset DVD
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Kickstart your travels in time and space with a megaset of over 64 hours from the world’s longest running science-fiction TV series! See all seven Doctors from the original series in 33 top stories, including two by Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) and nine by Robert Holmes. Doctor… Click for more information

Doctor Who: The Complete First & Second Series DVD
Things From Another World
Ready for an all-new Who? The BBC-produced Sci-Fi Channel hit is reborn for a new generation! This isn’t your father’s Doctor Who – it’s packed with new characters and amazing storylines created by some of Britain’s best television writers, including Steven Moffat (Coupling), Paul Abbot ( State of… Click for more information

Doctor Who Action Figure 12 Pc Season 3 Assortment
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Imported from the UK! Experience all the excitement of Doctor Who’s third season with these action figures taken from the tenth Doctor’s adventures in time and space! The angels may have the phone box, but you can have these cool action figures and choose from The Doctor, Martha Jones, the Judoon…Click for more information

Doctor Who Pocket Essential Book
Things From Another World
by Mark Campbell Who is Who? In this pocket-sized, introductory essay, each Doctor’s era is put under the microscope with facts and informed opinion on all their stories. Included is an in-depth reference section detailing further reading, fascinating and bizarre Doctor Who websites, and a short…Click for more information

Come back for more interesting Doctor Who product highlights!

Milwaukee Public Television TV Schedule – September

September 8, 2007

For those who tune into MPT for Doctor Who or other programs, here is a link to the September 2007 schedule.

September 2007

Highlights that may interest you for Saturday:

6:30PM Jim Knox’s Wild Zoofari “The Bronx Zoo”
7PM Movie: My Darling Clementine (1946)
8PM Last of the Summer Wine “From Here to Paternity”
8:30PM Good Neighbors “Mr. Fix-It”
8:37PM Sidewalk Astronomer
11PM Doctor Who “The Unquiet Dead”

Doctor Who 2009 Season

September 8, 2007

The BBC has revealed that the Doctor Who series in 2009 will be a “gap year”. What this means is that there will not be the usual run of episodes. Instead, three specials will air, each written by Russell Davies.

You can read the BBC News article here.

I don’t know if this will mean three extended length episodes or just one-hour specials. Some of the new series stories extend to two or three episodes, so one could create three specials that would nearly equal a season of Doctor Who, but with more flexibility that a longer length format would provide.

In the past seasons in the classic series, story lengths ran from 2 to 10 episodes in length. In some cases, extra episodes did not amount to much as far as resulting in a better story. I recently viewed “Ambassadors of Death”, a 7-episode Pertwee era story which was different from the usual “alien menace” science fiction stories. After the point where the Doctor receives information that the mysterious “radioactive” aliens are ambassadors and their officials demand their return, it seems to me that this situation should have resolved itself quickly.  Instead, the story continued on as if all the effort to get the Doctor into space and back again had pretty much no effect on the outcome at the end.  They gained the means to control the alien ambassadors, but I found it odd that the Doctor did not use his contact to take command (as is often the pattern in Doctor Who) and issue the aliens’ demands.  This particular Doctor was very forceful

Does having a flexble length help a television series?  Is there a length that is just right?   Is it better to put all into a few episodes rather than put out a lot, but many turn out to be not so good?

What do you think?

Dr Who on YouTube

February 25, 2007

YouTube features a wide variety of clips for science fiction fans. Before the Internet and broadband, we waited for conventions to see clips like these in video rooms and as part of the main programming.

Today, you can search with your favorite show keywords or start here with a direct link to Doctor Who.

You can play this one now which is a promotion of the upcoming series.


If you have a clip to post, go ahead and join YouTube to learn how to do that. Let our club know so we can view it and post our comments.

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