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  1. T. M. Moore says:

    IKTHALION PRESS – Newsletter & Press Release November 2007

    NEW RELEASES Published This Month:

    A BOOK OF FIVE RINGS: A Practical Guide to Strategy by Miyamoto Musashi; A Modern Translation For the 21st Century Compiled and Illustrated by T. M. Moore: This nonfiction book is a modern interpretation of the original five books by Musashi with a b&w gallery of his art and art prints by Japanese artists of the 19th century celebrating the period in which he lived. It also contains essays on the history of Japan and on Kendo and Bushido, the history and religious traditions of the samurai. Suitable for all ages. 6″ x 9″ TPB edition, 102 pages, ISBN 978-0-6151-7236-1. Price: $12.95.

    NAGRASANTI – An Abridged Anthology
    A special edition of the large format book which is text only and a condensed version comprising the four main stories: The Queen’s Marksman, Red Dragon, The Black Witch, and VIRUS; designed to be a traveling companion while the larger version stays home or for readers who prefer prose. ISBN pending, TPB 495 pages, $19.95.

    The CHILDREN OF THE DRAGON Series by T. M. Moore

    Book 8: WRITTEN IN BLOOD: A swashbuckling romp through the aftermath of the French Revolution and the Reign of Terror, this book features four of the characters introduced in this series. Alexander Corvina must help his father Lucien and his two sisters sisters emigrate to England before all of them meet the blade of Madame la Guillotine with the aid of that demmed elusive Scarlet Pimpernel.

    Already Published and AVAILABLE NOW:

    Book 1: DESTINY’S FORGE – The pivotal book which introduces the series and the universe of the Xosan. The adventures of Antonia Bellero aboard the IFDC dreadnought “Destiny’s Forge” and her manhunt for the most famous villain of them all. 2nd Ed. 336 pages ISBN 978-0-6151-6545-5 TPB $24.95

    Book 2: TO TASTE THE DRAGON’S BLOOD – Jonathan Kraine finds that reality is stranger than fiction when he discovers and ancient ruin on Mars and befriends an alien vampire named Andru. 2nd Ed. 220 pages ISBN 978-0-6151-6495-3 TPB $17.95

    Book 3: NAGRASANTI
    An anthology of illustrated short stories and inspired art with bite, covering the origins of some of the minor characters featured in “Destiny’s Forge” and “To Taste The Dragon’s Blood”. These are completely original and speculative pieces of fiction that continue the theme of the vampire as hero and incorporate the best of science fiction, fantasy and horror, high adventure and romance within them. Titled works contained in the anthology include “Red Dragon”, “The Queen’s Marksman”, “The Black Witch”, and “Virus”, “Blood Songs” – exerpts from the original fiction that inspired Destiny’s Forge but were omitted from the book for their lack of relevence to the plot. Plus an art gallery of illustrations from previous work and 2 other stories, “Tap Root” and “The Hunt”. 340 pages ISBN 978-0-6151-5918-8 8.5″ x 11″ format $29.95.

    POCKETBOOK EDITIONS: (available only through our site or through Lulu.com)

    Book 4: RED DRAGON – “Change is the only constant in the universe.” The year is 1984. Michael Burton is an eager young reporter who becomes part of his stories when he covers the war between the dragon tongs in Chinatown San Francisco. He falls for a beautiful Chinese cop who tries her best to protect him. But against the evil Xuan Longyan, the leader of the Black Dragons, there is no defense. Michael soon finds that he is much more than a man when he must fight to save the woman he loves. 160 pages, $10.95

    Book 5: THE QUEEN’S MARKSMAN – “Be careful what you wish for. You may get it.” Robert St. John signs on for more than he expects when he enlists in the British army to serve in Afghanistan in 1878. When he returns to England he is a changed man. He is recruited by Her Majesty’s government to fill a very important and secret role but he must sacrifice his freedom and his life’s ambition to do so. Soon Robert is threatened by the villainous Count Vladimir Drakulya, who has other plans for him. In his battle for freedom he loses everyone dear to his heart. He finds self redemption when he reunites with an old friend and helps to rid London of the evil haunting Whitechapel Road. 172 pages, $10.95

    Book 6: THE BLACK WITCH – “Never underestimate the power of love.” Charity Rakham is a young girl who learns about womanhood the hard way when her father and fiance’ are murdered by the infamous pirate Blackbeard. She becomes a chambermaid to a woman of means who is murdered and she is framed for it. Now a fugitive and alone in the world, she rescues a hostage of the king of thieves to save him from certain death or a fate even worse; a hostage who offers her the dragon’s blood. In time she becomes the captain of the most fearsome pirate ship on the Caribbean Sea. 148 pages, $10.95

    Book 7: VIRUS – “Gandalf, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.” The year is 2361. Megan Thereau is a young and promising journalist who is invited to Nagrasanti to cover an important debate, only to discover that the peaceful community is under threat from within as well as without. The dragon’s blood is calling for its due on the eve of their emergence from isolation and exile, while an adept of an ancient evil tries to invade and destroy the peace they have built. Armed only with her wits and her big orange cat named Gandalf, Megan soon learns that her greatest gift lies with her compassion for others, and her search for true love ends not with a human but with a Xosan. 120 pages, $9.95

    The CHILDREN OF THE DRAGON series by T. M. MOORE is a chronicle of the Xosan, alien vampires from the ancient planet Antellus who were once human but transformed by a dragon’s blood. They are adventures of action, espionage, horror, romance, science fact and fantasy set in a universe as real as the reader’s own intermixed with historical events. These books are rated M/R for violence, adult content and blood. Not recommended for reading by children under the age of 17.

    About the author: T. M. Moore has been an avid reader and writer of science fantasy adventure and a fan of genre films since 1964. She has written and published numerous works for small press publishers and her own SF fanzines. She writes in a strong visual style that brings the reader into her fictional world but leaves room for the reader’s own imagination, ever with the mission to educate as well as entertain.

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