Virtual Conventions

Have you always wanted to attend a science fiction convention, but never had enough funds or it was too far away?  Perhaps you have attended conventions in the past and want to know if there are video clips available that you can view right now.  Good news! Here’s your chance to be an “armchair” convention-goer, provided you have broadband access.

Today, I have added a new feature next to the conventions list in the Links section of our website. This feature makes use of the New Media resource YouTube, which is a huge collection of video clips, both original and captured.  You can find anything you want by typing search keywords that relate to your interests.

I have set up links based upon specific convention names.  For “ChicagoTardis”, I have a link to ChicagoTardis-related video clips.  Likewise, I found collections of clips for MarsCon and DragonCon (really huge collection!).  At our site all you have to do is click the virtual convention link next to the convention name and you’ll get a list of clips you can view.

Some are split into multiple parts, so be sure to view them in order in that case.  You can find all parts by entering the complete clip name into the searchbox.  If you seek a specific guest, you can add the name to the search box and it will narrow it down.

I spent last weekend “attending” DragonCon and other US conventions by searching for interview and panel video clips.

Now, everyday can be science fiction convention day!

To get you started, here’s a special treat to enjoy:  BSG Panel Dragoncon 2007


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