Website Updates

April 29, 2008

I have spent today editing our site.  My main goal is to increase activity and make the site a resource for you the member.


I have retired the Tardis image that was on the upper left menu.  When I clicked it, I found that it opens the file directory of our site (not good).  I have replaced it with the Java clock, which I had before below our main page logo.

I have replaced the gray ads with Amazon cloud keyword field.  It’s half size because it takes some time to load.  It uses page text to find related keywords.  There’s room for more ads.  If you have a favorite product to recommend, I’ll look it up at Amazon and post an ad.

I have edited the left menu with a new indented style.  There are four main categories:  info about the club, communications pages, submissions by members and external links pages.  This blog is accessed with the “Communications” link.  The left menu could be a little wider.  I would like a different, more gradual style.  If I used the script version, I could have full control of the blog page and put other content.  Many sites use the blog as the main page.  (such as Bad Astronomy, as an example)

I changed the main page introduction to relate more to our club and its mission.  The second paragraph covers a broader concern that the industry continues to deliver us programming we enjoy viewing.   We can be a part of that by working to grow our club and attract “online-only” fans while taking advantage of “new media” resources we could only dream about in our early days.


I reconfigured the latest Datalink with an Amazon ad and placed the news text within a table.  The text is now nicely separated from the left menu.  The news column is the place to put context ads with all those keywords to grab onto.


I have reconfigured the links page.  External links take lots of extra time to manage because they are other people’s sites, which can disappear, leaving broken links that have to be removed.  It is one of the best resources of a website because it’s a convenient list of sites to visit.  I have refined the categories a bit and reordered them. There are new ads.  Two that caught my eye while looking for Doctor Who products to display are a new Doctor Who guide and a John Barrowman book.

Please try out the site today and see what works for  you.

Milwaukee Time Lords Website


Virtual Conventions

April 29, 2008

Have you always wanted to attend a science fiction convention, but never had enough funds or it was too far away?  Perhaps you have attended conventions in the past and want to know if there are video clips available that you can view right now.  Good news! Here’s your chance to be an “armchair” convention-goer, provided you have broadband access.

Today, I have added a new feature next to the conventions list in the Links section of our website. This feature makes use of the New Media resource YouTube, which is a huge collection of video clips, both original and captured.  You can find anything you want by typing search keywords that relate to your interests.

I have set up links based upon specific convention names.  For “ChicagoTardis”, I have a link to ChicagoTardis-related video clips.  Likewise, I found collections of clips for MarsCon and DragonCon (really huge collection!).  At our site all you have to do is click the virtual convention link next to the convention name and you’ll get a list of clips you can view.

Some are split into multiple parts, so be sure to view them in order in that case.  You can find all parts by entering the complete clip name into the searchbox.  If you seek a specific guest, you can add the name to the search box and it will narrow it down.

I spent last weekend “attending” DragonCon and other US conventions by searching for interview and panel video clips.

Now, everyday can be science fiction convention day!

To get you started, here’s a special treat to enjoy:  BSG Panel Dragoncon 2007

Top 10 Reasons To View Season 4 Battlestar Galactica

April 29, 2008

Here is a very funny video clip that features the cast of Battlestar Galactica (in costume and in character) reading top ten list on the Late Night with David Letterman show.