New To Dr Who?

Below are items to help get you started:

Doctor Who Megaset DVD
Things From Another World
Kickstart your travels in time and space with a megaset of over 64 hours from the world’s longest running science-fiction TV series! See all seven Doctors from the original series in 33 top stories, including two by Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) and nine by Robert Holmes. Doctor… Click for more information

Doctor Who: The Complete First & Second Series DVD
Things From Another World
Ready for an all-new Who? The BBC-produced Sci-Fi Channel hit is reborn for a new generation! This isn’t your father’s Doctor Who – it’s packed with new characters and amazing storylines created by some of Britain’s best television writers, including Steven Moffat (Coupling), Paul Abbot ( State of… Click for more information

Doctor Who Action Figure 12 Pc Season 3 Assortment
Things From Another World
Imported from the UK! Experience all the excitement of Doctor Who’s third season with these action figures taken from the tenth Doctor’s adventures in time and space! The angels may have the phone box, but you can have these cool action figures and choose from The Doctor, Martha Jones, the Judoon…Click for more information

Doctor Who Pocket Essential Book
Things From Another World
by Mark Campbell Who is Who? In this pocket-sized, introductory essay, each Doctor’s era is put under the microscope with facts and informed opinion on all their stories. Included is an in-depth reference section detailing further reading, fascinating and bizarre Doctor Who websites, and a short…Click for more information

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