Milwaukee Science Fiction Club Holds Annual Dinner Meeting

The Milwaukee Time Lords held it’s annual dinner meeting Saturday, September 15th, celebrating 18 years of science fiction fandom and friendship.

Club members met at Athens Restaurant in the northwest side of Milwaukee, a site used a few times before for dinner meetings. Most were founding members who have been with the club since its founding August 26th, 1989. A few were members who joined later upon hearing of a Doctor Who club in Milwaukee. Initially, the dinner meeting was held at the first weekend in September. Past locations include The Old Country Buffet and Mykonos Restaurant. Last year the club tried a catering service. The dinner ended with the presentation of a cake the restaurant staff made for us.

Following the dinner, we met at the Evans’ house, our usual meeting place for videos and gaming. Other members, who celebrated separately elsewhere, joined us at the Evans’ house. We held a brief announcements meeting. After that, there was either videos or gaming downstairs. Those of us who opted for videos selected “Flushed Away”.

Debbie and I left after that, so if anyone can fill in the rest of the evening may do so here. Please let us know how the meeting went and tell us your stories.

If you hold annual dinner meetings or other forms of celebration, please post your experiences. Let us know how your club marks your anniversary.


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