Google offers $30 million for moon race

“Google seems to be dipping their fingers everywhere these days, with the latest news confirming the Internet giant’s sponsorship of a cool $30 million in a robotic race to the moon, in conjunction with a competition organized by the X PRIZE Foundation.”


Blog article at Reuters describes this web search engine service’s interest in grabbing an interest in space exploration.   Private space enterprise opens the door to anyone with engineering and mechanical skills.  You don’t have to work for NASA or its contractors anymore to get into the space industry.

Let’s expand this idea here.  Any moon robot ideas out there?  It would be cool if schools could get involved.  I’m sure there are talented, imaginative kids who could design and build robots to explore the moon.  Let’s hope we continue to support science and technical education and improve it where it is lacking.

Any kids up to the challenge in your area?


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