Babylon 5 On YouTube – Johnny Sekka Tribute

February 25, 2007

The following YouTube video clip features Johnny Sekka who had a brief role in the Babylon 5 series.

If you have a clip or news item about a favorite science fiction celebrity you wish to honor, send it here and I will post it.

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Dr Who on YouTube

February 25, 2007

YouTube features a wide variety of clips for science fiction fans. Before the Internet and broadband, we waited for conventions to see clips like these in video rooms and as part of the main programming.

Today, you can search with your favorite show keywords or start here with a direct link to Doctor Who.

You can play this one now which is a promotion of the upcoming series.

If you have a clip to post, go ahead and join YouTube to learn how to do that. Let our club know so we can view it and post our comments.

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