Annual Safehouse Night Defeated by Robots

March 26, 2006

Each year, our club meets for dinner at the Safehouse, a Milwaukee area restaurant. The highly regarded spy-themed establishment has been an area "hot spot" for years. It's a unique experience not to be missed when you get around to visiting Milwaukee.

This year, unfortunately, we were unable to reserve a table on our usual weekend in March. A robotics convention in town has preempted our annual event. Fortunately, we are small and flexible and merely had to move the event up to April 8th. Check our calendar for the update.

On a previous occasion, years ago, many members opted to help our local public television pledge drive rather than attend our Safehouse event. At the time, the way to support Dr. Who and other similar programming was to volunteer at the local PBS station. For some of us, it led to more skills for our resumes and increased knowledge of how TV works.

Show your support for unique and unusual TV programming by visiting and supporting your local clubs. If you don't have a club in your town, start one! Clubs are a great way of sharing resources, providing a healthy outlet for your sci-fi interests, gaining valuable social skills and helping to boost your background for employment purposes.

If you are in town, please join us at our next meeting located at
Mayfair Mall, lower level. You will find our meeting schedule if you
click the "Calendar" link on the menu to the left.


Hello world!

March 11, 2006

Welcome to the launch of the Milwaukee Time Lords blog. I am Julie K. Frey, website administrator for the Milwaukee Time Lords Online website.

If you are new to our club, we founded August 26, 1989 from a local college Doctor Who club. We found greater flexbility and sustainability in a private organization, especially when publishing our newsletter, The Relative Times. Although Doctor Who remains our primary support mission, we support other creative works on television and motion pictures.
For our first image, I have our first group photo. Can you identify a familiar person in the crowd? You should know if you are a fan of Doctor Who.

Don’t forget to bookmark our site and visit regularly to check up on our blog. Your commentaries are welcome. If any members wish to post a blog, please submit your name, email address and blog text. The best blogs are those that are brief and invite commentary.
If you are interested, you can visit to learn how you can get your own blog for free.

Julie K. Frey
Milwaukee Time Lords Website Administrator